17 thoughts on “How I Made $545 Doing Sports Bets Yesterday | FanDuel | FanDuel Sports Bets

  1. Heyyy yoooo who can help me with fanduel they block my account and I currently have bets on that I’m winning big money they all over sudden block my account

  2. Posting the losses also helps because you can find a trend and predict when the prediction is wrong and also find biases which you can exploit later for example every time the Hype Check channel says "no brainer" I knew to fade that pick and I would win.

  3. Do You know if I can make multiple bets on the same game but same selections? Example. If I bet on the San Fran eagles game and I make 3 bets let's say: Anytime scorer, Over TDs whether Brock or Jalen, and Multiple TDs meaning Wide receivers, …..let's say I pick Kelce, Brock throws has 2 TDs, and AJ Brown has 2 TDs …….Can I make the same bet if I'm not totally confident with my first selections? So again let's say, Anytime scorer, Over TDs passer, and Multiple TDs. Can I mirror the bet with different players?

  4. Betting 10 games a day is really really gonna fuck you up man and I would highly suggest you find your best game and play that instead 👊

    Best of luck peace 🔥🦂

  5. I definitely understand about the parlays, I spent $160 for $352k. Lost 2 out of 21 Same day Parlay. Thanks for your info bro appreciate that

  6. Yesterday I Turned $8 Into A $100 With A Four Team Parlay With Monday Night Game 2 College Games And The Celtic's Over Had A 6 Team Parlay With Celtic's And Thunder.. Took That Off…Get Money.

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