27 thoughts on “[Mobile] Rival Stars Horse Racing Developer Update Ep. 22 – Breeding improvements

  1. So I have recently deleted Rival Stars, I forgot why ;-; But anyway I got it back on mobile like I've played it and it didn't save because I didn't save it to cloud then it said while I was racing "Want to save to Local (Dadadada I forgot xD) Or save to cloud) I pressed save to cloud and it reset it to my main one, and I was soooo happy! And then I went to my stable and saw this whole NeW WorLd and I was like, wo- wow. What did they do???? xD And so now im seeing this video now this explains A LOT! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

  2. I'm a desktop player but holy COW that lower grade breeding influence option is so cool. That'll keep the costs way down in the long run for a lot of color breeders prepping their color genetics before leveling up grades. Man that option might actually bring me back to mobile. How neat! Love seeing stuff like that aimed at player interests; you can tell the team really listens and knows what the players are trying to do and wants to help us do it easier.

  3. What a fun new update!!
    Just a quick suggestion thing here:
    I would really like to see a change in the stable; the new view is great but if we could have the abilities to zoom out and scroll right/left that would be much more visually pleasing I think. It made me also think, wouldn’t it be fun to have the ability to turn your horse around 360 when viewing it, so to see the whole pattern and tack! (Ouuu some snow for Christmas would be so pretty)
    As far as the breeding goes, I’m having a hard time finding a guide that explains if the dilutions can change into a full coat colour? For example, if I have a stallion with a grey dilution and a mare with a double grey dilution will I have a better chance at creating a darker colour coat?
    I also can’t find somewhere to tell me why when I bred with an exotic black coat I got a chestnut with none of the genes? I just wanna know what went wrong because it’s a big waste of money for me to spend 1,000 gold on that 😭❀️
    (I don’t have Facebook or I’d do the suggestion stuff there and participate in the community!)
    Thanks for a fun game all!!

  4. THE GAME IS JUST AWESOME! I would really like to add dressage, arenas, etc., as well as horse breeds, grass and so that you can also get gold for the race (let's say 1 race 10-20 coins) on the phone version , a lot of game players want this , hope you notice . Good luck with your game development! Thank you for making new updates for us in Rival Stars Horse !

  5. Ya know, since ya gotta upgrade everything, how about allowing people in your group to trade horses to each other, it could be limited on trades but it could help new players build a stable a little better. Even 1 trade a week limited to your own race team or even 2 or 3 times a month would bring new players where they can start live racing better. I know you try and sell horses, but even trading to breed would be so cool and help new players greatly also helping the team!! That would build friends and community!!!

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