21 thoughts on “Do it Now | How to Make $10,000 Sports Betting | Advice & Tips | Sports Betting 101

  1. If you have a small bankroll does it
    Even make sense to use odds jam, being that at the lowest tier you are spending somewhere around 60 a month on the service. Wouldn’t think you could profit more than that on such a small bank roll assuming 5%EV bets. Thank you

  2. New subscriber here. I’m a little confused when I don’t use the positive EV tool on the site. You are choosing +odds but on the site the -odds are in bold.

  3. Loved this video and how in detail you went through everything, I'm just wondering as I want to sign up which is the best subscription package if your on a budget?

  4. Hey Matt! Any advice to avoid getting limited? I have been limited pretty heavily (as low as $5) on betmgm, and I only recently started positive EV betting. I asked this on another video but cannot see comments for whatever reason. Thank you!

  5. Sorry if this is a dumb question, in your example at 14:20 with -129 and +105, the EV is listed on the 8.59% for FanDuel at +134. Are you saying place the bet on whichever line the EV% is on? Or do you place the bet on the favourite?

  6. I think this was one of your cleanest video's going through the tools. Talking about the positives and negatives of doing player props is important to talk about. The increase in variance is real, but I think when it is good to get people to realize that option. Also taking about why you have the option to increase or decrease mav EV odds would be an interesting video to discuss as an idea.

  7. what if the oddsjam line for a bet is say -135, but every single other sportsbook has it at -110, and draftkings has it at -105. Does that still make it a play?

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