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  1. Can you explain how tier points are won? These are points needed to move up in Rewards level. It looks like you need to spend about $120,000 in slot play to move up. Cycling through (?) $30 per point is not clear to me. Thanks…

  2. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with casinos in Maryland. Namely, Maryland Live. I’ve just started going maybe a month. I play $.05 slots. I usually sit for no more than 1 1 and 1/2. And usually walk away with SOMETHING. The most was about $240… almost two weeks ago. Well, this past Thursday, I lost $80 in maybe 30 minutes. That was deflating. Does using that card aid in deciding “let them take a loss” this time?

  3. Question on players club comps. If I have my "MLife" card that I use at all MGM properties…, should I play only at 1 MGM property to get the most comps, or if I spread it over several of their properties, will I get the same offers? For example, if I have $300 and I spend it all at Mandalay Bay, or instead, I spend $100 at each site, … i.e. NewYork NewYork, The MGM, and Mandalay Bay, will I get the same kind of comps? Is it better to stick with one casino EVEN if they are all on the same players club?

  4. Is it much easier for them to track your profit, pinned with your name and ID? Eventually they can id you as such player that they do not want to deal with.

  5. On the craps table, how do they track what numbers or what part of the table you are betting? Just curious. I never see anyone writing anything down when I or anyone else is playing.

  6. PLAY FOR THE MONEY. DO NOT GET SUCKED INTO PLAYING FOR COMPS. My favorite comp story: an ignorant craps player who played $100 flat bet with MAX ODDS. After losing $10,000 he wanted to know how many points he got. Since his flat bet was the only part of his bet rated, only a fraction of the $10,000 for rated. He went ballistic over the few points he got. I wanted to say, "What about the $10,000 you just lost?"

  7. Hey guys, one of the casinos near me is an anomaly. I go there and play either blackjack, craps, or three card poker, or all three, but I do get mailers for a $10 coupon that I can actually cash at the cashier's cage. I get one of those each month usually.

  8. Especially if they like you the PB might increase your minimum bet. I've had mine raised 5 – maybe 10 times the amount on card. So be nice to the PC and especially the dealer. A little OT but try to tip someone something. That loss of EV will lengthen your stay.

  9. There are many Dueces Wild machines which have the following pay schedule: 1-2-2-3-4-13-16-200-800. This is almost the same as what you have at El Cortez casino except they have machines that pay 1-2-2-3-4-13-16-400-940 with higher amounts for the top two prizes. I can't find a figure for the payout on these machines which don't have the increased amounts for the top 2 prizes. What is the correct figure?

  10. Glad I hit up this vid! I'm not a forum guy BUT I want to contribute this if there is a link on forum you can include: because I noticed I upticked my NYC Resorts World Casino Genting Card when I played the Interblock Big Six

    I asked one of the Genting Rewards employees about the Comp system and they are VERY VAGUE for the sake of keeping costs down lol

    THEY DID tell me that it didn't just factor how MUCH I bet; it is about HOW LONG YOU PLAY:

    I'll offer up my casestudy and I'll sign onto the forum to include this I can't remember how it exactly went other than I lost $ 15 but all my bets were on the $ 1 spot of wheel and I kept making the minimum $5 bet. My total started at 19 and went to 22.

    The reason I didn't remember the exact outcomes was I wanted to mix up when I would bet instead of betting on consecutive spins ~

    I play all the games but I don't trust the Min 10$ Blackjack , Min $25 baccarat or Min $15craps Electronic table games (BUT I LOVE that the tables track points accurately enough instead of the classy way of giving the pit boss your card and them tracking your Average)

    BTW Triple Double Diamond w Free Game slots earned a TON of rewards points so its an indicator of which slots are SUPERTIGHT/ super stingy; Resorts World-Genting's cards upload your Win/Loss for taxes EXCEPT you have to wait until January – there's no real time log which I asked & hoped for

  11. I always spend at least over an hour playing on the $5 dollar blackjack table everytime I go to the casino. Is it really possible to ask the pitboss for a comp on the spot? I really didn't know that.

  12. Would it be advantageous for my partner and I to get two cards under just one of our names then playing them both at the same time? If it matters, I prefer $1 machines while he prefers $0.01 machines. I know the house advantage is higher on the ones he plsys but since we split our bankroll and both play $500 each during our visit wouldn't that look more like we played $1,000 in one day as opposed to $500 separately?

  13. Excellent video, as usual. I’m thinking explaining Boyd’s BConected comp system, would require its own video, as far as video poker is concerned. Or is it even possible to explain?

  14. My question: Will the Casinos ask a person to stop playing games like Roulette, Craps…if you are a high better and a high winner, and you are not playing/counting cards/varying bets at Blackjack? We are assuming you have normal human behavior and no alcohol/drug problems.

  15. I Finally Won A Handpay On A Slot Machine, (Took Me 4years To Get A Handpay) @ $3.00 A Spin..I Won $2,200.. Boy I Thought That Machine Was A Lose Machine.. Went Back To The Same Machine @ The Same Time & Put In The Same Amount A Week After, Almost Lost Half Of It, Due To The Players Card.. Like You Guys Said The Card Knows How Much You Won Or Lost.. I Guess They Want You To Come Back Thinking You Can Win Again… Man! I Thought Wrong..Lol!

  16. Hey guys. Awesome video. I had a question. If your an AP, and you play rated at some casinos for comps using a players card, but you still use AP play and have a meager year to date win (Lets say hypothetically you have 300 hours play between several Total Rewards casinos, and you have a year to date win of over maybe $5000); are they gonna look twice at that and say "maybe we should check his play next time he sits down"? Or is that number too small to even care about, and will still gonna comp you based on 300 hours of theo, regardless of the win size? When WOULD that win size start to draw attention?

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