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  1. i didn't known i'm a warrior until someone get me in to act as i am. To make me understand…..you have a good racer horse but you're not treating her like that.
    So she decelarate, she act the way you're loving her.


  2. He's treating the horse like a princess and not as a warrior. He got love and her , she got fire, but the message…… I mean , this horse can but don't need to win cause …….it's hard to explain.

  3. Got a sore throat 😫 through out this lol 😭😭😭😭😭😭 what an amazing story πŸ‘ ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

  4. Happy to see King retire with Carl. Very nice to see a team including owners that put the horse's health and well being first from beginning to end. What an exciting ride he took them all on!

  5. Very well done, they didn’t hide the reality of this sport and the β€œbrothers” were honest in their expectations, I have respect for them in that they find good homes for their horses when it’s racing career is over, I especially LOVE that they understood the bond between KK and Carl and honored that. Carl is what a GOOD horse trainer is, he actually appears to love them and that will get a subpar horse much further, safer, than a trainer merely in it for the $$/fame/ego

  6. It's a shame (or should I say "sham") that the reality is nothing like this. You know, everywhere in the world today, we will find cameras? Cameras in every shop, on every street, every motorway, every stadium, every shopping maul, every country lane, Cameras are absolutely everywhere today, as they're cheap and reliable.

    The only two places you'll not find a camera, is looking directly across the winning line in British horse-racing and British Greyhound racing. Of course, they have the "photo finish" camera doing that. Only you me, and everybody else, have to put up with really bizarre and strange camera angles of the winning line, we can watch the end of every race, and you'll get every camera angle you could possibly imagine, APART, from the angle that looks directly across the win line. Meaning we never know the outcome of the race, and we are forced to rely on a photo finish, that's as trustworthy as the bookmaker himself.

    There is no reason for it, we should always be able to watch the horses cross the winning line from a camera looking directly across the winning line, yet we can't, and never have been able too? LOL. You can watch an entire cross-country race, that sees the horse jumping fences out in the country, and we can all watch each horse jump each fence from many different camera angles, even looking up from the fence they're jumping over, we can follow our horse all that way through the race, watching the entire race from all angles. Only when they're all running towards the winning line, and hitting that winning line, (the most important part of every race), you can't watch a camera looking directly across the winning line, oh, of course I'm just moaning with meaningless rubbish. LOL. It's all above board, and having no way of seeing the result for yourself as it happens just makes it more exciting, right?

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  8. Dudes white haired brother I'd a smart azz riding his brother's coat tail. He s what the call a sucker king. They suck along with someone else and claim to be a king.

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  10. I love how carl cares more about Kinsale kings health and happiness then the prestige of the win (sure itsgreat to win ) and not willing to sacrifice kings life for the trophy , cash and notoriety…I truly appreciate & Respect Carl for this….Lovely to actually see a great trainer like him still exists in this day n age !!!@

  11. These people are hypocrites the owner of this horse they're not happy with anything that runs second but after they win all their money that they race this horse in now they're happy that he runs second why are you a hypocrite

  12. The video is in poor taste, especially for the Keen Ice Fans. I didn't think it was funny, clever. I was put off that TVG used their time on air to show this video for personal time for a Danny K whoever that is.

  13. Such a great documentary the ups and downs of that gorgeous looking Kinsale King. The foot was giving him hard times racing but got better on the synthetic tracks and winning. Dr Sheehan was going to let the trainer go if the horse didn’t win, l believe the horse heard that and beautiful King turn that around for his buddy,Carl. A beautiful happy ending and so glad King lives with his buddyCarl at his new home.Thankyou Carl.❀️🐴❀️

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