9 thoughts on “Matched Betting Horse Racing Refunds – Challenge

  1. Hello i would like to know
    Can i use the money i make on match betting in real life?
    Like withdraw the money from an atm
    Or buying things online

    I want to start matchbetting but am a bit nervous that i wont be able to use that money in real life
    Like buying stuffs etc..
    Could you please help me and explaining a little
    I would appreciate it,thanks😅

  2. Good video. Just learning about matched betting. One thing I don't understand with the £20 bet to get a £20 free bet. Did you say you made small loss on the free bet? If so, what was the point? Why not just keep your original £20 and not bet therefore no loss? Or have I got this wrong?

  3. Interesting video. Thanks for showing some of these offers, I found out about MB and started a couple of days ago and have just been doing a few welcome offers. I knew about the betfair £20 offer but didn't know about the skybet one.

    Seems like now was one of the best times to get into matched betting to be honest!

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