23 thoughts on “Philip plays Crazy Time! (Online Casino Game)

  1. 4$ Coin Flip
    2$ Pachinko
    2$ Cash Hunt
    2$ Crazy time
    -10$ at every round all play for Long time and you will win big i swear
    Deposite 500$ at least you will win big after some hours playing .
    -In crazy time choose blue color or sometime green always huge bonus

  2. Most rigged game on all possible games, session with 20-30 spins without bonus its standard when more people start play, one week before this game looks different. Evolution even if they make wheel with half segments are bonuses they will hit 50 spins without it. The same bonus Crazy Time bonus 😂🤣😂🤣 virtual big wheel, after chose color they can set wheel where are low players with bigger x 😂🤣 JOKE GAME, STATISTICS WHEEL 1:6 NOT EXIST IN EVOLUTION 🤮🤮🤮🧲🧲🧲

  3. if you knock two zeroes off the the amount he plays
    7,000 euros to start and a 200 euro bet (roughly)
    you get around 70 euros starting amount for 2 euros per bet
    so thats the normal amount people play right
    which means he could lose it all as easily as you or i can lose 70 euros in one session
    and he doesnt show the terrible losses here either

  4. When the stream ends, I say "Thank you today, see you tomorrow", but I feel lonely because there is no stream the next day(´・ω・`)

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