11 thoughts on “How To Win at Horse Race Betting 2022

  1. I win on straight bets and an occasional exacta. I won’t do pick 5’s or 6’s but I listen to groups that do discuss the pick 5’s just to see if an exacta might be in the works.

  2. some feedback for you ,Your talk said nothing about how much to bet per race and nothing about a staking plan. You have really given the punter nothing . All you mainly talked about was a pick 5 ,there is no relationship with the bets and the bank size. How do you determine what, to bet .What happens if your bank goes up or down etc . Still many things you could have discussed.

  3. Just like to add a comment a lot of people don't know if they put the odds on the horse in the odds of the jockey together they get a better pic won't you agree on that there's certain ways that they do it they do it from the bottom up not from the top down if you do it from the top down it makes it harder because the horse already knows what to do the driver was directing them but when you go from the bottom up and makes it a lot easier because none of the horses on the bottom where he knows what to do so it's the better jockey that's coming down in class and also the horse so if the horses three to one or two to one in the jockey is to the one and certain class of jacket goes down gives you the better odds on the horse winning if that makes sense to you it takes both of them the jockey in the horse to win on top it doesn't you don't see the top jockeys at the bottom or do you see the bottom jackets on top so therefore in the middle of the horse racing that's where it comes in the most

  4. I wish you would do a better job of defining what A and B horses are rather than just saying that Aisn’t always a favorite.
    And I would like some details on the actual optimal structuring of multirace plays.

  5. Choosing the right track to play is a tough decision. trying to only play low takeouts may or may not be the best strategy. size of pools is a key factor. track might have a low takeout but the pool size is small. the expectation is for gamblers to be disciplined this is rarely the case (based on my experience).

  6. Watched all 5 videos, excellent, your videos would scare away any newcomers, horse racing is as complicated as one wants to make it, thats why some choose to box the same 3 numbers in an exacta. 1-2-6 exacta box.

  7. I’ve have some success with boxing $1 exactas. Boxing 4-5 horses in a race that I think can win. But my payouts are not very high. I get my biggest returns with putting a horse I really like on top with 4-5 horses to run second. These exacta are $4 to $5. I keep my per race wager around $20.

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