34 thoughts on “CASINO Jazz Music #1 🎰 Piano Jazz & Bossa Nova Playlist 2020 🎰 赌场爵士音乐

  1. Just lost 800k on gamba…(again) and this music slaps harder than me needing to sell the house. 10 out of 10 playlist. DO NOT GAMBA YOU WILL LOSE but if you keep playing… 😉

    You lose even more, i was kidding.

  2. 😁😆😄😀😃🌞🌝👀👁️👂👍🧍🚶🤵🧑‍💼☀️🌕🌎🥃🍷🍸🥂🎲🎰🪙💸💵💳💰🎹🥁🎼🎵🎶💲♠️♣️♦️♥️

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