30 thoughts on “Canada Vs Morocco: Prediction: 2022 World Cup Betting Odds

  1. as a moroccan I think canada wasted there potential they could do so much better with the right approach, they lack world cup experience, but they could do something great in the future, good luck.

  2. Just playing the world cup is a big results for Candian team ,So let the three point 👉 Morocco we the one know how to do with it ,We have all respect to Candian player they lost two games ,And I hope will win the game against Canda .

  3. there is a slight difference between confidence and narcisism .i think most canadians are narcisists without realising it .i hope canada will be as naive and overhyped vs morocco as they were vs coratia . our wings ill make wonders in those massive spaces canada leaves behind .

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