31 thoughts on “How to beat the bookies and always WIN ON THE BETS

  1. in 8 combinations I lose 5 euros = -40

    in 12 combinations I lose 2 euros = -24

    on 6 occasions I win 4 euros = 24

    on 1 occasion I win 24 euros= 24

    Total odds= I lose 16

  2. This is great bro! I will implement those strategies in my betting journey! I sing up to Arb Adviiseer + your Arbitrage strategies! I don't know anything about sport and bcs of that I need tips. Will start to making the math for everything! Thank again bro!

  3. Only had $70 in my pocket when I started to bet and don't know why I paid $50 to @jbrothers_tips for membership. With $20 and their tips , i will buy brand new car next month

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