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  1. Great video Steve! My power ratings make Georgia -12, too. Obviously, the odd makers knew they were gonna get tons of Tennessee money and still did, I grabbed a Georgia -8 this week. I honestly thought it could hit 7.5, 7, the public loves Tennessee. This isn't a bold take, but clearly the committee is setting up for the loser of this game to have a chance for the playoffs as a 1 loss winner of the SEC.

  2. TENN-UGA – I'm laying off but leaning UGA cause of the public sentiment on Tennessee and that it's Between the Hedges. I've been fading Tennessee all season, but it's bitten me in the ass the entire season though discretion is the better part of valor. I'm fine laying off this game cause of the backdoor potential you mentioned

    BAMA-LSU – This one I'm taking the Tide to Roll over the Tigers. First, Brian Kelly hasn't been great against Alabama going 0-2, granted they were at neutral fields, one a shut out in 2012 and another in 2021 in a COVID Frankenstein Semifinal at JerryWorld (not Pasadena) Second, I feel LSU, having all the cards in their disposal, night game at Death Valley, huge underdog, 2 solid wins against B to B+ ranked teams prior to this week, they're going to get a bit too cocky and falter against an S ranked opponent. Third, the public is going to be all over LSU cause of that 10 ranking in the CFP poll, and Bama knows that they'll have to crush LSU in order to get some standing with the committee. If Bama gets free and runs over LSU, they'll do it a few more times just to get that clout into beating a "top ten" team in the country.

    TEX-KSST – Laying off but I do agree that KSST is the side here with how Texas consistently blows leads when the game looks to be in hand and ready for the win. Klieman has given new life to this KSST team especially to a dead in the water/tossed from Nebraska, Adrian Martinez. Will Howard hasn't been bad himself as he was able to pick apart an Okie State defense with relative ease last week. With either quarterback, Texas is going to have their hands full especially if Ewers starts under throwing guys again. K-State has become a solid contender to place second in the Big XII, and I think they can run the table to finish things out in a rematch against TCU.

    WAKE-NCST – I took NCST +4 even though I faded them the past 3 weeks. I think the Sam Hartman experience is starting to waver in Wake Forest, they came in with high expectations but faltered against Clemson, got some solid wins but then faltered against Louisville. The defense is going to be key for NCST, stop Hartman from making explosive plays and you got the Wake offense stifled. Then play the run game and get those 4-5 yard plays. Don't need to be Cunningham running all over Wake, but I think if you stop the Wake offense from making those Sam Hartman explosive plays, that's a huge leap into getting the win at home.

  3. Yea man georgia has played no one but oregon and that was first week, oregon was new team new qb, georgia not. Tennesse is the better team, more battle tested too many points imo

  4. Great stuff SM!!
    2022 College YTD 20-24…

    2022 Pro YTD 17-14…

    Total 37-38


    Colorado U 63 (use this number)

    Georgia Southern U 61 (use this number)

    Indiana U 51 (use this number)

    Temple U 49 (use this number)

    Army U 40.5 (use this number)


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