43 thoughts on “Casino Cheating Expert Reviews Card Counting and Casino Scams From Movies | Vanity Fair

  1. How about 20/40 anything outside of a casino? You're telling me each of these guys has thousands of dollars in front of them at an Elk Lodge? No way

  2. I was a casino dealer, and let me tell you this is all hollywood. There were no cheating scams, no fake dice, no dice spinners. There were card counters, but it is not reliable in 6 or 8 decks. And the hole card, dealers have a mirror you can't see the hole card….. THE REAL CHEAT in dice is TAKING SHOTS. Players know how to bully people and rush the dealers. They can claim they had bets they didn't, they can call late bets with the dice in the air and then argue. That is the most "cheating" I've seen in casino tables in 10 years of dealing.

  3. Absolutely unbelievable to me that people can't just play the fuckin game and be honest, they always have to find ways to screw other people. At that point its not even about the game anymore and you basically might as well just be a mugger on the street.

  4. “Casino cheating expert” whoever can go by that title is not anyone I wanna look at listen to or spend anymore my life having any type of interaction with eff that loser 😂

  5. Casinos are in the business of cheating people and blatantly allow money laundering and yet they have experts to stop people cheating the casinos in return 😂🤣😂

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