1. Ridiculous video. Oddschecker is used to find the best price. I dont click to the site from it because I dont want the bookies to know I am using it. I've never had a problem using it like this. The price is what they say at least 95% of the time. It's so easy to get banned from the big bookies, yet you say smaller bookies that may offer better prices can't afford to get on here, could you imagine how quick a small bookies would ban you? Will Hill banned me after about 2 weeks!
    Most people also don't want to use the exchange unless you have to because you don't get BOG, how can you have a problem with the exchanges being together on the right?
    Andy Holdings tips move so quick because everybody knows how impressive he is, I sign up to his website and he releases them on their before here and the prices are always what he says and will drop like an atomic bomb once they're released, so this is rdiculous, no research whatsoever! What an absolute clown you are! You'd be better on Love Island with the drama you try and create rather than pretending you know horses.
    And shock horror, bookies are here to make money, if a business does not make money it does not exist! So your point is bookies should lose money? Let the mug punters lose their money and have fun or they will be no bookies. Online casinos should be banned though.
    And when you get banned you don't need oddschecker anyway, which is great for you because like you said Betfair EX offers the best prices(though no bog).
    And again if you don't think Andy Holding is a winning gambler you are more stupid than this video which I would say is hard. I have hundreds of bets of his that I have taken and he has an incredible winrate. So to anybody in the know, you do just look like a jealous b**ch.
    But good luck as you sell all of your products.

  2. Incredibly petty video.

    Oddschecker is an invaluable tool for any punter.

    Why are you criticising Andy Holding for having horses on his wallpaper?

  3. There’s no doubt that the betting industry uses dirty tactics etc and is contemptible. But I have to say many businesses employ dirty tactics . In fact business seems to be a great way to be as dishonest or immoral as you possibly can as long as it’s not illegal . To get away with as much as you can while claiming it’s your duty because of the shareholders etc. Then again capitalism produced the iPad I’m typing this on, the toaster that just made my breakfast and causes my house to go up in value more every year than the average professional gambler makes from all their grinding while I watch YouTube .

  4. I joined sky casino got their 60 pound bonus and turned it into over£2000 by sheer luck on roulette and slots and they banned my account nothing to do with horse racing but thought I'd say something

  5. Another top video. I always pick up something which I didn't know in these videos, today it is the fact that oddschecker delay their updates which is, at best, sharp practice. Excellent research.

  6. That guy who came on your show from Betfair, Caan … was anything he said the truth? They get worse by the day. They are 1.01 to settle markets when a stewards is nailed on. The Romanian staff may be cheaper but they are costing them dearly in stupid errors. There were no live pics for the American racing the other night. They apologise for the inconvenience but they can't seem to work out if there are no pics, then no one bets and they lose money too! I looked on Twitter and they promised to pass it on to the relevant "team" and duly did feck all. An embarrassment of a company.

  7. I really enjoy your videos but it seems to me that you have kind of forgotten the fact that the bookmakers are trying to make money. Cutting out unprofitable business is key to that business model. You seem to be of the view that this is very unfair. This is the part of your approach that I have a problem with.

  8. What about William Hill Racing Radio? Promoting a farce. You couldn’t get two bananas on with their (WH) sports book, as Barney Curley once said. Andy Holding is a pundit on there.

  9. Hmm, most of this is either nothing (e.g. the ridiculous "fractional odds are hard" claim), or is just passing on your dislike of bookies in favour of exchanges by proxy rather than commenting on the Oddschecker offering itself. If it's telling me that someone I want to bet on is 2/1 at one bookmaker and 7/4 elsewhere, it is doing its job – although if it is quoting exchange prices pre-commission, it's misleading you on that point, if exchanges are even viable in the event you want to bet. My sport of choice isn't obscure in the slightest, there's three plays I want to make this afternoon, none of them have a better price than the bookmaker and 2/3 don't have more than minimal liquidity.

  10. To be fair the tipsters on there are quite good with their selections.

    How right you are about betting on antepost horses. Only had my Coral acount about 3-4 weeks, was approx £300 in loss, I placed a £15 antepost horse bet at around 9/1 and account was gone.

  11. Yes I admit I bought many systems and all crap you get caught in their sales literature and hope it will be legit. There’s a eBay roulette system seller who has made over 20k in a year just winning $50 a day. He wants £350 for his system.. he says you need 2k bankroll and win£50 a day and not get greedy and you should have over £20k just over a year.

  12. Very insightful video here again caan,
    I never new OddsChecker was owned by SkyBet lol, thats crazy, like you say, a huge conflict of interest,
    Do none of theese "EXPOSED" videos you do get reported by the company in question ?,
    They must hate it, is there anything in law or YouTube's policies that would support there complaint if one was made,.U must be there worst nightmare,
    A highly inteligent man with more knowledge than 99% of people in the industry, a man with a substantial following who trust and listen to what you say, a man with an audience who there PR people would like to target but your exposing these things or even letting people no these things are happening, Top Top work my man 👍👍👍

  13. A genuine question … If the bookmakers were banned and we just had exchanges what would the commission rate on exchange bets have to be to fund horse racing at its current level?

    Bookmakers pay about 10% of their horse racing revenue back to the sport, which last year meant £82 million going to the racing industry. That was lower than normal due to Covid. This suggests a profit from horse racing of just under a billion pounds a year for bookmakers to achieve that 10% levy.

    If Betfair and the others were to keep this same ratio of 10% of profits going to racing how much commission do they need to charge exchange punters to make a billion pounds profit a year from racing alone?

    If they had to charge 10% commission instead of 2%, but everyone can get on without restrictions, and the markets were very strong indeed, then maybe that's a better world. I'm not sure 10% commission would be nearly enough to cover it though.

  14. Racing post at it again yesterday caan. Posted an article about a 2 horse “gamble” where the first leg came in. Of course the 2nd leg backed into 4/6 before the off was duly pulled up. LOL

  15. The worst thing about this is .. when your search a bet or price , they will offer the price on their website.
    However when you click the odd / price , the link they provide will say this market is longer available , pretty much saying the odds of the highest prices are bullshit !

  16. I hate to be the bearer of bad news Caan but while you were making this video you were burgled Someone has nicked all your fixtures, fittings, and furniture in the background. Have you been robbed by the bookies again?

  17. If you were running a gambling business and you knew someone was constantly winning off you, would you want to give them the best odds, rewards and let them bet as you much as they want? It baffles me how much you harp on about this, in your world of gambling laws every bookmaker would be broke within 6 months lol. Also don't play the bookies pray on the vunerable players card, people like you who win off gambling can only do because their losses subsidies the abilty for people like you to be able to what you do, you really need to be careful what you wish for!

  18. Keep up the good work! Caan please do some videos on the tipsters/professional punters/professional pundits/journalists that have many revenue streams and love an each bet by sitting on both sides of the fence. A conflict of interests and misleading i think .

  19. Hi Caan, I was restricted by william Hil today. they also refused to give me any details as to why, despite me quoting the law wrt GDPR to them repeatedly (I'm in Ireland) I copied and pasted the conversation, if you'd like to view it and if you want to use it in a future video. I think over the last 12 months, I won roughly 5 to 600 euro. I have never placed a bet of more than 20 euro with them, and most of my bets were for 10.

    These videos are fantastic, keep on speaking out.

  20. Spot on Video Cann, I think theres two types of oddschecker user – The one who looks for the best prices and gets mugged off as you explained (affiliate happy or not).
    The second (like myself) uses it for price changes over a day for checking real streamers or drifters.

    Suggestion for you exposing 'At The Races' farce of market movers and drifters section. This is even more inaccurate and misleading for the average punter.

  21. I suppose Caan if you affiliate with somebody on the casino and you lose £1,000 without a win, they don’t get 30%
    Let’s say a game is 92% RTP and like I say you play £1,000 through without a single win, they get 30% on the £80.
    Let’s say it is a perfect play with the RTP and eventually you do lose the £1,000 for instance you play £1,000 and you win back £920, then you play the £920 and win £836.4 back and so on. Eventually you play it through and is it then they get the whole 30% on the £1,000?

    If so then I suppose the bookmakers would do the same with the percentage take on each race.

    I have always wondered how they work it.

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