1. you won't believe me or read it books But For DC Bets ( just try it ) don't Lay Any Odds just make Larger Flat Bets and get paid in Full on your money 100% < your already shown your willing to Bet that amount anyway so why not get paid in full , so RATHER THAN BETTING $10 on DC Bet $200 on every DC Bet and just leave it a Flat Bet don't be a sucker and Lay more then you can win > your winnings will increase huge / want Proof ? just watch your videos do the Math and add up the money you did not make on your Lay bets > That's what you could have made .

  2. I'm like you, and will jump to the DP/DC if the table is cold. I don't usually play hardways, but on the Don't, if the point is 4 or 10 I'll always take the hardway as a hedge. So like if the point is 10, the only roll that hurts you is the 6-4. I may or may not play similar hedges on the 6 or 8–just depends on how things are running.

  3. I find your apporch to the game of Craps interesting and intriguing. When watching, I often wonder how your betting strategy would fair on a table with other players, and with the more common 3x4x5 odds. I would like to see you in action with several other shooters on the table with you, simular to other live action videos I watch. On another note, keep it up, the videos are very enjoyable. One last critique, you 7out, not crap out.

  4. Victor u playrd the Darkside like a Fuckin champ….best crap vids on the internet….u raised the bets at a perfect time….keep the crraps vids there the best ones u guys purduce….

  5. Wow 22 points established and 4 made ๐Ÿ˜ณ so cold with a lot of 7s and 11s on the come out. Only one way 2 win and he played it. Gj ๐Ÿ‘

  6. The Aristocrat slot music is the "Radetzky March" by Johann Strauss Sr. I've played it many times (I mean in band, not gotten it many times on a slot machine, which would be better, I suppose).

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