1. LOl when he said “this is Bozeman‘s mom right here and this is Bozeman if we breed them… That makes me very uncomfortable, but it’s just a game right!

  2. I still don’t understand how to how this person has 45. 4K subscribers he should at least have a few hundred thousand his humor is funny and his content is amazing me personally I really like rival stars!

  3. I literally hate this game but I play it why I hate it is because it’s so difficult on mobile and the littlest things cost so much and I just don’t think it fair to mobile players so I think they should Make it the same for mobile players because pc players have much more fun than mobile! 😡😭

  4. Is there a way to get the game on pc for free? I have it on mobile but I'd like it to be on my PC/computer(I have a windows 10)😭

  5. How do you get basic riding feed? For some reason, I can’t get any, and it’s bothering me, I need it to level up a horse in the riding thing.

  6. I am so happy to run across this. I am subbed to your page but didn't see the vid until now! Love seeing your face, first time for me. Love seeing who I'm listening too all the time! Love your channel!

  7. Denis: "I do not want chestnuts in my stable their just to orange and none lower than grade 10"
    Me: vibing over here with all chestnuts and grade 8 and 9 horses

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