1. Thank you a thousand times for presenting several fine reasons to stay the hell out of the casino. I don't like to gamble. I do enjoy watching people play games, although slots are boring. I would find it more fun to cheat. The way casinos cheat players out of their money is staggering. What's fair is fair. I wouldn't actually try to cheat, knowing that you have a higher probability of losing your money AND spending your vacation in the ship's brig. I used to enjoy sitting in the casino bar smoking a cigar. Can't even do THAT anymore. Chris, I appreciate what you do for those people who are interested in throwing their money away. As much as I like cruising, and Royal, and you, I plan on sticking to Grandeur of the Seas–a nice, small ship. As far as the Icon deal, are you paid more to go on a startup ship? You would be putting up with a whole lotta crap from people who love being the first ones aboard a ship, just to tear it apart with all of the shakedown blues. Let others suffer with their first contracts aboard a newly-built ship.

  2. oh Chris to get on the icon of the seas that would be amazing that ship looks unbelievable … ive been on ovation of the seas for a cruise to Noumea and Mystery Island, and Vanuatu i had a ball loved it … but good vlog big thumbs up Chirs

  3. Is Iryna from Ukraine (Next Cruise Consultant) still on your ship? She was such an amazing crew member, as you are. I have been wondering how she is doing. If you can, please forward my contact into to her for me. Thanks!!! Good luck in your next endeavor …

  4. Quitting a career that you vlog about to pursue a full-time Youtube career is a massive risk…There are a lot of people that only follow someone because of what they vlog about. I used to watch a couple religiously when they vlogged about life on their narrowboat in the UK. Once they sold their boat and moved to a house I lost interest. Same thing with a superyachtcaptain…once he left yachting I stopped watching. That type of thing makes changing careers very risky…how many of us are just here because the vlog is mainly about the cruise ship industry?

  5. please Chris go to the Icon,and give us a behind the scenes of a start up, its a once in a lifetime opportunity. I did one in the u.s. navy, a great experience,

  6. part of the value of your videos is based on the crew perspective and behind the scenes. You might want to sail one more contract if you can get on Icon of the Seas! 🙂 Either way… good fortune to you!

  7. Yo Wong! What happened with that crew alert the other day OSCAR OSCAR OSCAR….did they recover the person?? Have you heard anything…?? (Side Note: Was cook meeting you at the T Shirt Company in Juneau last weekend!)

  8. You do realise that British doesn’t equate to English?! But given that you’re talking about cheating, you carry on 😂

  9. I only cruise NCL (where I am Sapphire (formerly Platinum Plus) , but I have friends that swear by RCL so I've been interested in and have enjoyed viewing your VLOGS. Anyway at NCL's Casinos at Sea if you play 3-card poker you can only play with one hand and that is because from what I am told some players got caught doing the exact same thing "switching cards" and I agree that was stupid. Ultimate Texas Hold'em the same you can only use one hand to look at cards……..but Pai Gow you can still use both hands LOL.

  10. Thank you for the reminder that cruising is not back to normal… both onboard and shoreside. I work in the call center for (not RCCL). Our staff was reduced to a skeleton crew not long after the global pause in cruise operations. We’re trying to return to previous staffing levels amidst a labor shortage. We know our guests are frustrated at long hold times and then getting an inexperienced agent on the line. We know it stinks for you. On our side, we saw co-workers be laid off while those of us who were retained took the brunt of peoples’ frustrations and fears for 2 years of cancelled voyages. We saw no raises. We saw our stock holdings turn into dust. The grief and burnout was awful… and then we started cruising again (yay!) and got to listen to vaccine conspiracy theories from people who want to cruise but don’t want to be vaccinated, listen to people yell about having to wear a mask onboard… Be kind. We’re doing our best ❤

  11. Volunteer to be crew! I enjoy your channel but as others have said there are tons of cruise vloggers and you know nearly all of them will be on that ship. It will so much more interesting for your audience if you sail as crew rather than a regular passenger. I would stick with Royal as long as you can. There aren't that many good vloggers who are crew but there are many, many who are regular passengers. I'm not saying you can't compete with them, I think you're great!, it's just why jump into that ocean and be a little fish when you can stay the big fish in the little pond and grow your channel even more. (Hope that all made sense). Either way I will continue to watch and wish you the best of luck going forward.

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