22 thoughts on “Why does the Public REALLY lose at Sports Betting?

  1. I started my sport betting journey with a losing streak from the getgo. Made a few adjustments in strategy and didn't chase and I've slowly recovered my losses and feel confident about going into the green soon. This channel definitely helped out a lot 👍

  2. Sports betting is a form of witchcraft thats why ..its sorcery.. flip a coin 10 times ..50/50 chance heads or tails. now put your life savings on heads over 4 …GUARANTEE YOU WILL BE HOMELESS SMOKING METH after that bet.

  3. Your timing with this video is unbelievable. Last week I was in a little rutt for the first time in a long time, 3 or 4 days of losing a unit or 2 each day, I would like a pick, wouldnt play it and it would win, I would like a pick, play it and it would lose, very frustrating and I started to play more defensive and was getting really stressed out thinking short term and seeing my bankroll go down, BUT, One thing I NEVER did was just start firing away, I would just shut it down and try again tomorrow. Slowly the wins started coming in and I'm back like those days never even happened. During that rutt I would have pep talks with myself of all the stuff you taught me, Your videos and teachings Bender were in my head the whole time, It was the mindset you instilled in me that got me through it and made this year the best sports gambling year of my life, Thank you for everything Ryan

  4. I’m trying to join master class but getting card declined every time I tried using my different cards and none work can you please help me I really want to join!

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