34 thoughts on “7 Cruise Ship Casino 'Secrets' Revealed

  1. I was invited by the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas to participate in a cruise giveaway. I gambled about $3,000 total over four days at the Venetian (I wound up losing $400), and for that I received a free cruise on Princess…. we're using it to take a 10-day Alaska cruise this summer. Definitely worth losing $400 — so long as I don't drop too much in the ship casino!

  2. We always put $3,000 on our sail and sign at the service desk before boarding the ship. It's so nice because it sets a limit for us and we can always look on kiosk to see how we're doing. It's used for casino money and excursions. We always buy drink packages so we don't have to worry about that expense.

  3. Totally agree regarding the coin pushers and the crane games. They're a real rip off unless you get very lucky. The only other thing to mention – Before you book a cruise, verify the ATM fees and how much charging money to your onboard account costs as well. The situations ALL vary, so don't assume anything – it could cost you a lot…
    It's worth remembering that many US based banks refund ATM fees, and that makes ATMs, even onboard, a great option. Personally, I take out at least $100 at a time, $200 if it's during a cruise. I don't want my bank to decide it's sucking up too much of their profit and remove the benefit.

  4. I charge 100% of my play to the room….and cash out every evening. That way, with the money in my safe and the folio statement along with the credit card statement, NO questions about where the cash came from, what it cost to "win it" (win/loss statement) the receipt from the deposit of cash FROM WINS) all included in an envelope, NO questions or problems about where cash came from, what it cost to "win that" and I get double air miles on my credit card that allowed me to buy $500 worth of Christmas gifts for the grands and make contributions to our local food bank for those in need. A little extra work, but sooooooo worth it

  5. Carnival is great. I can charge $5k daily to a slot machine and it shows up as an "Entertainment" charge to my room. I normally charge $15k on a 4 day cruise. 3x the points net me $450 in credit card points and I don't have to worry about any fees. On the way home I stop at the bank and deposit the cash and pay it off the next day. It pretty much pays for the next cruise since I can use that points for a cruise gift card.

  6. If you get Casino credit through your account, there will be a fee. Last cruise on RCL, it was 4%. You might be better off getting a bank account that reimburses for ATM usage. My account at Axos bank does this. All fees at the ATM are credited by the bank.

  7. Check with the casino host or cashier before charging to your room. Royal Caribbean didn’t charge me a convenience fee or an “atm” fee. But I am a member of their casino loyalty group.

  8. I always gamble at least $100 in the casino for the free drink card. after our 2nd cruise when Covid hit while at work in 2021 of April. cruises announced the closure as of CDC rules. I got a 15 day Hawaiian cruise for $799 and free drinks in the casino $200 free play at the casino and $200 on board credit

  9. I personally have no problem with with my money going to my small and sign card. It also lets me know how many points I have accumulated when I put my card into any slot machine. I hit for $781. 00 on a slot and going to the cashier was no problem. Having a slip of paper coming out from a slot machine can get misplaced, lost or damaged. That would be my luck with a paper slip..

  10. I have been able to break even playing the coin pusher machines. The trick is to drop your coins at the left or right slot only, not the center ones. Also pick the machine where there are a lot of coins hanging to be dropped on either side. Also look for the bank roll on top of the coins. Those are bonus. By doing all that, I have been able to break even.

  11. you didn't tell us what we didn't know. it is common sense. your tone of voice changes from understandable to not so understandable. overall, it was a useless piece.

  12. I have a good collection of chips from the Princess ships that I have been on but, just before the Pandemic, they started going to generic Princess chips. Very disappointed as I had other ships to still collect.
    I charge my room on a slot, with no additional fee, and then cash out and get cash from cashier and go to the craps table. Faster than filling out the forms at the table.

  13. I don't know if other cruise lines do this but when I book carnival, I always buy the max of "cruise cash" of $500 so we don't have to go to the ship atm, especially for a 7 day cruise. No fees to do this and you can use it on ship in casino, spa, anything…just a suggestion to save y'all the atm fees

  14. All coin pusher machines have the spaces in the side for coins to go into. That's how they make their money off of it. It's not just on cruise ship casinos.

  15. The casino is very tempting when you're bored or edgy… but beware people! You could lose a lot of money. Spend that money on drinks, get a massage, do something else.

  16. It is my understanding that the cruise casinos also do not have a mandated percentage that they must pay as they do here in the US. Is that true?

  17. I won twice on the key machine on my princess cruise. Love love coin pushers.
    Btw one of my travel friends won on the key machine. Total of $300. ❤❤❤

  18. My last cruise when you ran out of money the machine would ask if you wanted to charge it to your account and you just push a button and you get credits. It doesn't, however, track your spending and when I left the ship I had a $3000 casino bill. I felt like an idiot. Especially because a standard video poker machine pays $4000 for a royal flush on a $1 denomination game, but the cruise ship only paid $1800!

  19. Did you talk about the odds of table games or payouts of the slots? The use of continuous shuffle machines on BJ ? No bueno or if they do 6:5 bj payout?

  20. I haven’t even spent much in the casino and received free ocean view staterooms(especially when Covid was lessening capacity) and also camped rooms in Vegas. Taking up one of my free stateroom offers in December and they are giving $400 US onboard credit for 2 of us. 😊😊

  21. So how many people get funds to gamble and charge it to their account knowing they don’t have the money? What does the cruise line do when it’s time to pay up and you can’t?

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