17 thoughts on “How to Bet UFC – Betting Guides

  1. awfull explanation.
    the + number is easy to conlude.
    +240 with 100 you get 240 added on top of own money
    but the – number.
    why does -310 equal 32.26 1:08 (no explanation, simply just a "its about" but no information why it lands at that figure) and since this dude, in all the other minus-examples never explain the payout amount or or any info on how its calculated and likely takes for granted that viewer can conclude it themself.. it makes it difficult to decipher what fraction this minus value is tolerated after.
    Mehh whatever, will try to look elsewhere, as this clown above aint good.
    Just tried to divide or multiply 100 with 310 and it gave 0.322580 so its clearly something down that line, as it would summon to values around 32.26 , so can use that approach to decipher a payout value, but what a horrendous bad video if expkantion is the purpose, when you use no effort whatsoever to explain how a given value is optained. 1:08 and its simply "it will likely be about this but who cares"… (why, because the sun is actually purple)

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