37 thoughts on “THIS SPORTS BETTING STRATEGY Will Help You WIN MORE BETS In The NBA (Exploit These Lines)

  1. Good video, but if the game is close at halftime I would be cautious about betting the under. A potential overtime would always probably result in losing any under wager.

  2. I like this strategy, the way i use the law of averages tho is when i see a team shoot bad vs a team thats on fire i take the spread from the team that im expecting to shoot better and the team thats om fire to coke back down to earth. So i have a play when the teams are shooting opposite percentages instead of when theyre both under performing or over performing. I bet on the team thats under performing vs the team thats over performing in the first half.

  3. This is not legit. Tempo matters and who’s playing matters. A team can shoot a lot and have not a great shooting percentage but put up a lot of points due to the tempo they play in. This video tells me everything I need to know about this channel. You need to know the game not math to be winner.

  4. Anyone run this and what’s your record in hindsight, I’m sorry this doesn’t seem like a great strategy but I’m curious to hear from someone that tracked this out

  5. For real you really can't claim this is profitable just by pretty much betting over when first half has been low scoring and vice versa. It would be totally different thing if the lines wouldn't adjust during the game. Pretty much sure this is a sure way to make -ev bets.

  6. Sounds like a good strategy and probably works on CBB as well. The only thing I’m thinking about is defensive stats. I mean is a team shooting above or below their average 1st half simply because they’re having a good or bad night? Or is it because of the defense they’re playing against?

  7. Okay but with all these percentages what I'm confused on is how would you know who to pick? Because even though they are shooting this as a whole who is actually getting the majority of the points?

  8. My question is, if this method is successful and profitable in the long run – wouldn't you be more profitable by live-lining team total's? I mean, couldn't u manipulate the numbers better? Would love to hear what you think. Thanks for the video

  9. Parlay over/unders it allows to pick higher or lower totals (which ever your deciding to pick on a specific game) and if your conservative with it and do a 3 leg parlay it boosts the payout while still playing it safe

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