20 thoughts on “How to Bet on the NFL | Profitable NFL Betting Strategies

  1. Honestly there isn't a profitable strategy because it's all rigged towards the gambling sites. They want you to lose everything and will do whatever they can to ensure their profit. Best to do small bets in moderation (like once a month or a few times a year) or not gamble at all.

  2. ok a team can't win by .50 of a piont.thats the juice and bookmaker clean house simple as that.have you chick just pick a team without knowing and you have a better chance to beat vegas.

  3. I have watching 6 videos today and as a complete beginner this was the easiest to understand. Also, I'm a Cowboy's fan, so you know it pained me to say that!

  4. I watched 3 other videos and from other channels about this topic, and this is the best one, very well explained , good tips and down to the point. great job! thank you for sharing.

  5. When you explain the strategies part it was hard to understand the terms fade the under. I am new at the betting terminology and to hear it be used like this without an explanation the first two times is a bit hard to understand. Also, what do people bet on the most? Spreads, Moneyline lines, or over/under? Or prop bets?

  6. When you say fade, do you mean take unders or just stay away? For example, Packers @ Lions is going to be 3rd straight road game for GB. Based on historical trends, are you betting under Rodgers' lines or just staying away? Appreciate the content!

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