30 thoughts on “Sports Betting Legend Billy Walters Sits Down With Brent Musburger To Talk About His Tell-All Book

  1. Wonder if he knows Pete rose? Cincinnati is just over the bridge to Kentucky. Rose was part of that gambling g culture back there. I'll bet he's got some good Pete rose stories.

  2. I lived in LV for 20-years starting in mid 90’s. I was always fascinated with Billy Walters. Beat four trials in Las Vegas. All Witch hunts pushed by casino controlled politicians because he was beating casinos at their own game. Pioneered gambling industry and was first adopt using computers to handicap to games. Parlayed his wealth Into business and real estate empire. And he really did tons for Opportunity Village and Boys and Girls Club in Las Vegas. Donated tens of millions. Just an incredible human being. A great American story. But the Feds finally got him. They hated him. 60 minutes interview back in the day really pissed them off. 9th District of New York. Same crew that has been relentlessly attacking Trump family and associates for years. Might I add, he had the greatest defense attorney ever for his four LV trial victories, Oscar Goodman, the former LV mayor. This was a great interview. Musberger is a legend and he loves sports betting. Glad Walters is out of jail and doing well. The man is a genius.

  3. Great interview. Pathetic that people like Billy and Martha Stewart get prison for "insider trading" but the pelosi's just get more power smh.

  4. Absolute trash. No way to possibly make any bet on the XFL right now that is rooted in anything other than pulling it out of your own ass since there is no data to go off of

    Grifting morons

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