25 thoughts on “Horse racing extra places using matched betting (bet365 oddsmonkey liquidity golf)

  1. Way past the 100 likes of course, but it's my 50th birthday today, and I have had some absolutely fabulous lays over the years, and I'm not talking about betting 😂

  2. hey man! love the videos! where can i find the full list of races for the year (you only included that for november and december) that are worth doing EPs

  3. Started on 31/01 and made £238 to date. Only done 12 sign up offers and still have £60 Bet365 credit to get through! Thanks for the video this is very helpful.

  4. Do you use any other bookies for horse extra place offers, other than willy hill& ladbrokes for their oddsboost? is it just 365 you use for the golf extra place? @8.00 why is betfair exchange not an option, surely oddsmonkey cover them?

  5. I'd double check your info. When you apply a William Hill boost it only applies to the win odds NOT the place odds. The OM calculator doesnt take that into account so in your example the place odds are actually 2.3 to back and 3.1 to lay increasing your qualifying loss to £3.23 per £10 staked. Its not a huge difference I know but as you increase stakes or bet on multiple horses it will add up. You would need some big wins to cover that sort of QL.

  6. Hi
    Thanks for all the help your giving everyone.
    Just getting my head around all the info from OddsMonkey at the moment, I will intend to concentrate on the extra place races in the future,but just to clarify in laymen terms:
    Let's say the horse is called Donald Duck !
    1/Bet with the bookmaker each way Donald Duck .
    2/lay against Donald Duck to finish in the top three.
    3/lay against Donald Duck to finish in the extra place .
    Sorry to come across stupid but the examples you go through on your computer move a little fast 😂

    Thanks again.

  7. Another awesome video buddy. I started like 3/4 months ago with probably £160 then the second month in put a fair bit more money into it and now I’m in profit of £1000+👍

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