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  1. And there's the randomness you can't handicap…a banged up elbow and an unnecessary roughness call…truly results changers that you just can't calculate…and that's why I never leave more than 5 to 10% out at once…was a time I thought knowledge of past performance and tendency gave me a huge edge but I've learned in my 40 years of laying that the random reduces edge greatly and it truly falls down to just getting the best of the number and being a member of the horseshoe club, which by the grace of God I am…anyway, feeling PHI by 5

  2. As usual good 411 and great Nostrodamas impressions by everyone. However, as soon as the game kicks off it goes down the toilet. Watch the game some and make the wager in game for the best chance of cashing in.

  3. I'm not betting these games anymore it's just too random…all the money I've made during the season is slowly be given back! Lost my last 4 bets on NFL …fuck this it isn't worth it

  4. Great job on those best bets Marco and Kelly. Take those niner tickets to the bank and have a great day. The Eagles have the B….E…..S……..T team in the NFL. It needs to be spelled out to both of you as we approach February. I still don't get it.

  5. 2023 AFC Championship Game
    I’m relaxing at Oscar’s Pizza to watch this thriller of Joe Cool and the Bengals vs Magical Mahomes and the Chiefs
    Chiefs 30 Bengals 27
    The Chiefs win a thrilling unforgettable competitive afc championship game.
    The reasons why I pick the Chiefs to win are the thundering crowd in Arrowhead most likely will create issues for the Bengals, Mahomes had a great game passing because of great blocking, the Chiefs make fewer mistakes than the Bengals, and this is the game where Joe Burrow can’t overcome the whole vulnerable Bengals Oline because the strong Chiefs Dline takes advantage enough of that flaw.

    2023 NFC Championship Game
    The 49ers defeat the Eagles in a thrilling close game because the 49ers succeeded running the football so they win TOP which has the benefit of Hurts and the great Eagles offensive arsenal is on the field less minutes, Purdy plays solid as a game manager, Kittle and other 49ers offensive threats aren’t contained enough by the Eagles, and the 49ers offense executes more critical plays than the Eagles offense since the 49ers benefit from succeeding running the football and being on the football field more by winning top with that realistic achievable strategy to win top.
    49ers 34
    Eagles 28

  6. SF scored just 19 on Dallas..SF best D they have faced. Well, the Eagles D is right behind SF but they have the best OL in the league. I don’t see any advantages on either side.

  7. It's always funny to see in the comments section all these Internet bad boys talkin' smack about how supposedly lousy these picks are amd how it's all a big scam. Sports handicapping is about the only field of expertise where the difference between the sharps and Joe Public is like 5-8% and anyone can jump into a comment thread and clown a pick without receipts. Relax. They are offering analysis and information. You can take it or leave it and it's all free. You're not compelled to buy anything.

  8. Great work guys, Marco forget the haters. BTW what I think you’re fumbling the ball a bit on the SF vs Philly game is that you’re completely belittling and ignoring the Eagles defense and the fact they too have many weapons on offense. Just a thought. Good luck everyone.

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