19 thoughts on “Best Tennis Sports Betting Strategy 🎾 | Courtsiding Explained

  1. Can you make a video about getting/not getting banned on bookies? And how much you can arbitrage before getting banned? And if positive ev is better for not getting banned?

  2. Sir how to find arbitrage odds easily and get a good margin profit and bet ?

    And I am a student I don't even time for it but I'm interested on arbitrage betting.
    Please help to find better a arbitrage odds

  3. This is not true as each bet company increase tíme session of your bet so when u want to bet it u need wait more and more by bookies If they approve your ticket so longer u ll wait more tíme they have to see real score

  4. There was a massive arb in one of the Djokovich games, he came off for a bit since his hamstring was hurting, bet365 had odds of 13 for his opponent to win while Betfair had moved to 7.5! and they kept for like 30 seconds! Only made 700 off of it coz liability cleaned my betfair account. Geeks toy really helps as well

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