21 thoughts on “The Paroli Positive Progression Betting System – Beat the Casinos

  1. But if you don’t hit your full sequence you win 0 and still rack up losses. You should make a positive progession if you win and a negative progression if you lose. As long as you have a decent size bank roll and even odds you will be able to 0 out your losses

  2. See?! Now this makes sense. The Martingale System & others like it, Should be called the “Losers’ Chase System”.
    But someday, when I feel flush or lucky, I’m going to play like my husband thinks Blackjack should be played. If the House has the edge, why not play like the House? And that includes hitting on Soft or even Hard 17s, regardless what the Dealer’s up card is. I’m old enough to remember when single decks to be a norm. Today you’re “lucky” if you find anything less than 6 decks.
    Common sense should dictate, there are lots of small cards coming out, if you’ve seen lots of face cards. So why NOT hit a hard 17? I’d like to do this some time when dealers show high cards. Wanna bet I’d win? 😆
    Without having to card count, and if we’re playing for FUN, using the standard systems we all know, can get boring. Of course I don’t play too get rich so I’m willing to lose as long as I’m having FUN!

  3. Ive been rocking the negative progression system and came up 5k in 5 days i bet big af after i lose so idk how this one will work and after i win a 500 doller bet i go back to table min am i doing it rigjt or na?

  4. As a trader, I consistently see the same delusional belief in my field that, somehow, some 'clever' money management strategy can substitute itself for a statistical edge. Utter nonsense. No amount of money management/betting progression scheme will ever compensate a game where the profit expectancy (not just the odds) is against you.

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