25 thoughts on “Back to Lay Betting Strategy: Stealing a Profit…

  1. The way I see it, in a horse race an average race has 10 horses racing, 9 horses will lose, meaning the chance of winning a lay bet is a lot higher then betting for a horse to win, it’s logical how you could make money by laying on the horses

  2. Ive known about this for some years but its very good of you to share, I know of one pay betting site that wants 47 quid for this , what a cheek, lot of sharks out there who come across as good guys , I didnt buy it I kind of worked out what it was in the description .

  3. Very interesting article, Caan. Quick question – how far ahead of the race should you place the back trade? I place mine as soon as I identify a front runner, which might be six or seven hours before because I figure that if other people do the same thing, then the price will start steaming. Is this the best thing to do?

  4. Really helpful video on a recent selection, thanks Caan. I've needed this, I've been getting it a little bit wrong of late. Though that horse will from now on be forever known as Michelle Stroganoff 😆

  5. Nice 1. I was doing this, letting it go in play to test it out,I thought I was mad as i thought i was breaking the rule. "Don't go in play in horese racing."
    Thanks for the reassurance and will continue to practice.
    Also how do you know which ones to go in play with caan?


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