29 thoughts on “Horse Racing Extra Place offer Matched Betting Tutorial

  1. Hey Chris here, thanks for checking out the video. Just to correct myself. I got it wrong about the part where I say if the horse wins you lose your place part of the each way. If it wins you do indeed still win the place part of the bet at 1/5 odds or 1/4 depending which is offered. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. Ummmm. Stop watching when you said that when a horse wins you don’t win on the ew part of the bet… that is total nonsense. You win part wins and your place bet wins at 1/4 or 1/5 odds depending on conditions…..

  3. Feels like this is more back to gambling rather than matched betting you are relying on the house finishing in that extra place or 2 and if not your taking roughly a £3+ qually loss each time until your hourse eventually finishes in that place 🤷‍♂️

  4. Thank you for this introduction video to EP, it really made sense. thank you! I know need to learn how to make money from it and get ready for Cheltenham!! 🙂

  5. Spot on with this one Chris. I watched it without knowing what to do, a quick pause to do my own calculator same time as yours and all makes sense, didn’t need to rewatch it just first time and now understand it. Cheers

  6. Great video mate, thank you. Can I just check that our profit here comes from the horse finishing in that extra place only? So we’re going to lose quite a lot of qualifying bets for a few bigger profit gains?

  7. If you back a horse with an odds boost, is that boost only applicable to the win part of the bet even though you're placing an EW bet at boosted odds? I think I messed up on a WH boost when attempting EP bets

  8. Literally before I watched this one video I had ZERO idea how to bet on horses. By the end of the video I'm 100% confident betting on horses. Videos don't get any better than that!

  9. Why do you use the each way extra place calculator when all the numbers are already on the extra place matcher. I'm guessing the extra place matcher is the same as the one on PA where you simply click the link to the bookie and the exchange.

  10. Do you need to be covering several horses per race to make these work. Do these all need backing and laying individually. A lot of the horses might never get a good match, and then QL could get quite high.

  11. Shame the bookies don't do a place only market with these extra place races.

    Can't think why they don't 😉

    Also if everyone is laying the place on the exchanges, (per this EP strategy) I'm wondering if that means the odds on the lay (and therefore back ) would get bigger and there would be an advantage play on the exchanges by backing the place on those races. I know that's not what this is about but kinda interesting.

  12. Can you filter the percentage in odds monkey ? And if so what would the percentage mean , e.g. does 80 pct give you an overall win/ loss ratio of say 5 to 1?

  13. Your videos are great but just to point out. You have stated that you lose your place bet if the horse wins. This is not the case. A £5 each way bet for 3 places consists of a £5 bet for the horse to win and a £5 bet for the horse to finish in the top 3 (including first place). If the horse wins you win both the win bet and the place bet

  14. Your a credit to the art of match betting, I've just began watching your videos recently. I have a side question to ask? Setting up a VPN, do you have video explaining how you utilise this? Do you switch this on, and select watch country you want to pretend to reside from for the VPN? as surely the bookmakers want to see your IP address is from the UK, is this just a simple manual box click? best regards Shane

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