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  1. I followed on demo using my system and would have made 28 units but I am still working if my system is a long term…. so far it is…. I also play all hands and fit the tie in the system…

  2. Good afternoon Wilson…
    Frank here again…
    Thanks for the info on the baccarat simulator from Craig…
    I have (like everyone here) a modification of the Flat Betting strategy… lol…
    how can we chat and talk about it???
    I'm near del Lago Casino in Waterloo…
    do you have an email address I can use to connect???

  3. Is there any triggers you look for when you choose a table to play on with this strategy? Or do you just jump on a table with a brand new shoe? Or do you just jump in randomly to any table and hope for the best?

  4. I played this shoe to a +12 flat betting using a slight variation of Wilson's 1's and 2's and his previous Switcheroo method. When there is a Unconfirmed 3 (U3) switch to playing Repeats until there is a Confirmed 1. This way you catch the Clusters (No gaps between straight runs). As soon as there is a Confirmed 1 switch back to being Opposites. You will catch the Clusters, the long Straight Runs and the long Chops.
    So start a shoe by betting Opposites until there is a U3. Then bet Repeat until there is a Confirmed 1 then repeat the sequence.
    Set a stop loss with what you are comfortable with. I like 10. No stop win but you can choose one if you like. I like to match my stop win amount to my stop loss amount if I do choose to use a stop win.

  5. a colleague has suggested 1 1 1 2 3 3 4 6 8 10 14 18 24 total <100 but u must parlay your winning bet and have two winning bets in a row you have 13 attempts to get this seems reasonable good knows what the odds are of getting two wins in a row within 13 goes please enlighten me someone ty šŸ˜‰

  6. great system needs staking strategy suggest D'Alembert don't use MG!! often goes wrong 6 times a sliding scale will eventually come good increase bet after two losses though keeps bets very manageable I'm using on roulette with great success winning 10% regularly thinking of doing CM's 3% compound interest scheme soon be millionaire lol

  7. The way to look at the results of the shoe is that there were not 30 1's. There were:
    13 1's (+1 unit each not counting the last hand because you can't bet against it.
    2's are neutral so don't count them. 3/+'s are -2 units each. There were 6.
    +13 units on 1's
    -12 units on 3/+'s (6x-2)
    = +1 unit minus commission.
    With this strategy you will win as long as there are more 1's (confirmed) than 3/+'s.
    Ideal if you see a table that is consistently choppy.
    Stay away from streaky tables.

  8. Very similar to the "System 40" system discussed at "beat the casino". You've probably heard of them. Folks, no baccarat system is going to give you an edge over the casino, but you can have recreational fun with systems. Only bet what you can afford to lose. To quote a famous craps player, "Get in, get up, and get gone."

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