23 thoughts on “How To Make Sports Betting Your 2nd Income! (Easy-To-Follow 6-Step Strategy)

  1. So much value in MLS soccer games that's the sport I do well in. Unfortunately I almost went broke gambling and got a second job to pay the bills.

  2. So like, how do we go about choosing good bets so that have a higher chance of winning so we can win 1 unit a day… I know you ain’t tryna say we just make random bets here and there and hope it wins…? Super vague ngl not a great strategy, this is more of like a guideline to sports betting (bankroll management, goals, attributes, values/mindset you need)

  3. Okay, you touched on the steps to implementing the mentality of betting, and some money management, but you didn't mention how to pick the bets. Do you have a separate video on that, or do you have some premium service? Either way, I'd like to learn how to handicap the bets.

  4. Wow!!. This is very interesting and changes my whole mimdset, Up till now I would do small parlay bets once a week just for fun. I won sometimes but for the most part no. But this sounds so much better. I am going to try this with a small bank roll (250-300 dollars) and follow the first 2 rules (discipline and being consistent) But in order to do that I have two Questions. 1, What is a unit? Like if I bet 5 percent of 300,00 each day that is 15 dollars, So I am guessing one unit of a 15.00 bet is 30.00. Okay so lets say on my very first day I win so now, I have 315.00 the next day Do I bet 5 percent of 300.00 my original bank roll or 5 percent of my newbank roll of 315.00/ Same if I lose my first bet. Do I now bet 5 percent of my new bank roll 285.00 or the original bank roll 300,00 ,?

  5. If you are not able to succesfully predict at least 60% of your bets, then it can not help you any strategy. On the paper it seems easy to successfully predict more then 50% of bets, but in practice its very difficult, almost impossible in this days…Bookie always win, but its not only because of odds abd their averadges, but most important because they make ful controll over main sports events each day…

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