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  1. I hate online abbreviations so much! Doesn't seem like that long ago I had to ask my brother what Lol meant it was years later before I was enlightened as to Pmsl and lmao!
    I know I'm gonna kick myself but EV and QL??​-can you help me out please!? Anyone…? 🤣

  2. High Caan… hope this finds You & Yours All well.
    Let Me start by Sayin' I hardly ever pay Anythin' extra when it comes to My Betting; apart from £4.20 for "Racing & Football Outlook"!… But I'm lookin' to take Advantage of Bookies' Generosity and make some Dolingos on Premier League Opening Offers; hopefully, by Trading not Gambling…
    That has been the PverRiding feelin' I've been gettin' as I've been devourin' Your Vids L8ly…:
    "I Shouldn't be Gamblin' any More"…!
    I feel that if I can at least do this this Eve & the Morra, then it's gotta be Worth £2…
    Your Philosophy, Caan, Ethics & Mechanics behind Your Comms are Sound…
    Could You point Me towards some SoftWare/other Resources (Free, natch, @least in the first Instance) which might assist in Reachin' this Short-Term Goal viz. Tomorrow's Trading Opportunities; and also reEnforcin' the Long-Term Goal viz. Becomin' a Successful Trader, relyin' on My Nous…Instead of a Losin' Gambler, Dependent upon that Famed Bookies' Generosity Hormone! ~
    Anyway, many Thanx again for HeadStormin' ~
    AllTheBest ~
    PaulJo $

  3. Far better off trying to find a local bookie with a decent offer on lucky 15s. There was one nearby here that gave you 5 TIMES the odds if you only had one winner. My dad and I must have taken them for a couple grand over a few years. They knew they lost on it, but it got folk in the door to put their fivers on stupid footy accums. Loss leaders. Be a smart shopper instead of trying to beat literal armies of actuarial scientists who get paid wages keep these loopholes tight enough that any profits derived from them are negligible.

  4. This is a very good video. The only thing I'm struggling with is calculating the amounts to lay. However if this software works it out for you then definitely worth investing.

    Caan are the odds in the software live?

  5. Ive got a bet that i think is worth looking into you bet on the current correct score when it hits 2 goals so 1-1 2-0 or 0-2 you back it and then lay for half the price to get an evens bet say you backed at 4 layed at 2 on say 1-1 you then cover before game starts 2-1 to outsider 2-1 to favourite and 3-0 to outsider as anytime correct scores if someone scores theres a great chance you will have the right score as 0-3 to slightly odds on favourite wont be fancied that much as expect the outsider to score in the first 3 goals so then you would get the atcs however if it backs at 4 and you get it layed at 2 then if someone scores you get a double whammy if the correct scores goes to as low as 2 for a the 2 goal score then you just back the correct score and there is a good chance you will get your money back.Its always best to do it when odds on favourite is away from home as there ismuch beeter chance of both teams scoring

  6. Great video! Explains it really well
    Do you have Any advice to avoid getting gubbed on these accounts? I've recently started these and the gubbings have been pretty bad, worried I'm going to lose all access if I carry on?

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