41 thoughts on “Using THE ONE LINE BETTING METHOD To WIN MASSIVE At Isle Casino!

  1. SD: That was FREAKEN AWESOME………………… I LOVE THE 1 LINE METHOD !!!! I did it a month ago, on the "Enforcer" (No Video) on 5 lines game with 1 line selected with a $2 Bet and I got 5 Trains for $400 x 2 = $800.00 on a $2 bet… I almost shit myself!!! ahhahaha Love ya SD

  2. I’ve never done the one line method til the other day when I was at the casino. I saw thunder cash $1 denom, 1 linex5 hit the diamond with 3 wilds for $500! Will definitely be exploring the one line betting method in the future!

  3. used to love earlier versions of superbucks that had a win gamble feature on your 5 buttons (nstead of red black or suits) you could win 2x, 3x, 5x next was maybe 10x or 20x and last reel was 100x

  4. I'm gonna break down and try this shizznitt. I know slots pretty good but not as good as you. You know how to play each machine to get the fullest player advantage thabks for showing us how its done

  5. You should make a list of all games that do well with the one line method… or the ones that activate all the lines during free spins, such as stinking rich. For a max one line bet.. etc etc

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