23 thoughts on “Getting STRAIGHT To BUSINESS !!! NO MESSING AROUND !!

  1. Vejo que todos os influencer que fazem propaganda de casa de apostas ficam viciados mesmo quando acaba o contrato eles continuam a jogar com o seu próprio dinheiro aí aonde o pior acontece

  2. Cody is in bad shape. The casino will always win. I hope he didn’t put all his eggs in one basket. Stake will never allow him again to profit of them like he did before.

  3. Kids just pissing away all this money, and Idc about him being the goat of blackjack when he’s constantly making bad calls, hit on 16 against a 7? Come on bro ! Lol but hey fuck it not my $$

  4. As somebody who runned away from this shit, i can tell you this much: sooner you admit you are addict, faster you will start living your actual life.
    And every second you spent gambling is most wasted second of your life.

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