22 thoughts on “Gamblers Like Me: The Dark Side of Sports Betting – BBC Africa Eye documentary

  1. We have a similar problem in Ghana.

    This is destroying our youth future. We need to teach youth responsibility.

    We should ban sports betting like Brazil and other smart countries.

  2. Aye! BBC News Africa, can you pleaseeeee allow the cc captions, you know we sometime can't understand what is being said. I don't understand why you would disable that.

  3. For the majority it is a past time – they choose to wager on sports instead of eating out 3 times a week – or any other extra. For some it becomes a addiction. Like any other business- yes odds are built in to favor the house.

  4. I quitted betting some months ago after watching this documentary. Bravo to Collins Muhinda the Ugandan for revealing the dark side of betting from the punter's point of view. Betting will not make us rich for sure.

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