12 thoughts on “Betting on Horse Racing Part 3

  1. i believe that picking losers is more valuable than picking winners. more specifically, picking losing favorites……..this begs against multi leg wagers. i argue in favor of tri's or supers. you only have to get one scenario correct. you're not locked into forcing opinions on races you don't like. plus you're going into bigger pools!!!!

  2. Great content! In my long history of enjoying horse race handicapping, I did not become a net positive roi player until I learned how to construct efficient wagers. I do mostly exacta and trifectas. I never key a favorite and I try to go deep enough to catch a longshot in 1st 2nd or 3rd, but I force myself to add a higher staked bet with a smaller number of horses, so if I am correct, I don't make the mistake of not taking enough out of a race that I handicap well. A few of those higher payouts can really make your year. My biggest wins have been in Kentucky Derby futures; I have cashed the past 3 Derbys for a total of around $7,500… Hope to get to 5 figures this year! Are you also on Secretariat? I just subscribed…

  3. New subscriber here. Excellent video. I will review your other videos. I am a seasoned pick 5 player. As far as those caveman tickets my advice would be to play against them because the lazy low-information player can hit a button on TVG to play that exact ticket & reduce the payoff when if and it hits.

  4. trying to predict pace and expecting 2 speed horses to duel then jock takes horse back, or a horse who has never showed speed comes out of gate right to the front. 🙁

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