31 thoughts on “Bet On It | College Football Week 3 Picks and Predictions, Vegas Odds, Barking Dogs and Best Bets

  1. Wow I’m very damn happy my Huskies without struggle defeated the 11th ranked Spartans 39-28.

    A terrific win for the Washington Huskies in the DeBoer era.

    The Washington Huskies are an exciting good team that is fun to watch.

  2. Incredibly unlucky? Or just bad Capping? Have never seen such astute players do so poorly over 3 shows. A few wins were due to having opposite sides on games. I hope if they warm up they will be forthright with entire season record. Not just say we crushed it last week with 7-2 blah blah.

  3. Well…you guys have been trash with your picks on this show 😂 . I’m sure your subscriber picks have been better, but I’m going to stop losing money with these picks for the time being 🤦‍♂️

  4. I predict the Huskies defeat the Spartans in a thrilling close game.
    The reasons why the thundering crowd in Husky Stadium creates issues for the Spartans so Washington does have that home field advantage, the Huskies defense creates turnovers, the Huskies make less mistakes, Penix runs when needed, the Huskies are able to run the football, also the Huskies move the football by passing.

    Huskies 34
    Spartans 27

  5. im only startin look at college now im not bettin on it yet not even gonna throw away $20 randomly
    im just trying understand conferences & which r strongest conferences theres so many teams & conferences to look at but i had to research very hard to find any answers on conferences but SEC looks strong looking at previous winners in past for college

    tryin watch alittle bit with time i get at times
    i think doing it with eyes is better then stats or at least watch few games before lookin at stats & such i feel im applyin same things i did knowin other sports im alooot more selective this year

    maybe in week 7 or 8 i might do 1bet on days that have 30+ games
    & tryin understand ur picks for teams weekly hearing what uz say i look for when i watch replys ive only found site in watchin replys today i wont watch the hole game maybe 1st half & little 2nd half
    but definitly useful having such sites & what uz share even tho it isnt always right i just listen to things like qbs changes formations & weapons & such not much whos gona win

  6. Great show as always
    2022 College YTD 5-4…

    2022 Pro YTD 2-1…

    (Always Use Closing Lines!!!)

    Indiana U 60.5

    Nebraska U 65

    Vanderbilt U 59

    Texas U 58

    Texas A&M U 44.5

    GL All!

  7. Love ur show guys . Just great – THX . Again like whole bunch of games tomorrow in NCAAFB . Now this is the games I will play today Florida St – tomorrow Purdue , W Kentucky , OK , ND , LSU , UNLV , Utah , TX A&M , Northwestern and Texas !! Good luck to all of us tonight and tomorrow . Also MLB tonight Seattle !!

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