36 thoughts on “Bet On It | NFL Week 11 Picks and Predictions, Vegas Odds, Barking Dogs and Best Bets

  1. i dont pick lines if i pick favourites i usually do 1-13 margin
    has value $2.30-$2.80 on average
    im tryin get 3 games a parlay for $20 usually $320-$400 return for $20 on 3 games of 1-13 margins a parlay

    2023 i wana cut it down to 2 games odds is usually $4.80-$8 for 2 games of 1-13 margins is ok
    for my 2 slips i did today for nfl

    bet slip #1
    $20 bet for $360 return

    1.washington win option 1-13 margin is $2.62 win 23-10 v texans
    2.new england win option 1-13 margin is $2.62 win 10-3 v jets
    3.giants lose option 1-13 margin is $2.62 lose 31-18 v lions

    bet slip #2
    $20 bet for $360 return roughly

    1.falcons win option 1-13 margin is $2.62 win 27-24 v bears
    2.eagles win option 1-13 margin is $2.47 win 17-16 v colts
    3.bills win but option 14+ margin lose $2.58 win 31-23 v browns they only won by 8points i had 14+ bills so 2/3

    2023 i do 1-2 bet slips favourites
    2 games a parlay of 1-13 margins
    & 2 games underdogs either + or straight underdogs

    but my totals slips was horrible 0/6 i wont touch that again lol
    just did 1 but have 1 slip for friday already
    lions & giants good chance of winnin at $4.20 underdogs both teams r prices seem right but im usin smaller amounts i'l take 2 games straight underdogs my only slip for friday nfl

    monday i like more favourites 1-13 margins with what fixtures givin me

    2023 & beyond shoudl b good

    $10,000 bet on 1-13 margins for nfl 2 games parlay is winnable with what im seein 2022 i like better then line & i have heart to win & lose my money on favourites 1-13 margin not line – minus for favourites is $1.84 on average

    i only do + lines with underdogs 2023 as my 2nd slip or i alternate the line down to at least 3points i like feild goal covers so if a +9 underdog i can bring down to +3 which is good money if 2 games a slip

    $10,000 bet on odds $5-$8
    $80,000 return
    id wana have at least 5-6 parlays of those before i stop gamblin for at least 1yr

    but nfl margins 1-13 r great i find for me in my opioion
    just cut down to 2 a slip 2023 + i dont wana work anymore lol so 2-3 of those $80,000 returns im callin up the marchin band & gutiarist & singers & announcin it at job sites haha financial freedom would allow me to b more of a douch & happier internally that i dont hav to listen to some bum supervisor that liks flexin his badge to others lol not worth it physically

    & yeah i had titans at $2.50 underdogs last week just nba games let me down which is y i dont wana b cocky in thinkin i can beat nba as well lol
    nba has been cut out

    nfl,nhl & europe rugby come october-april 2023 & beyond

    & 1-13 margins for favourites

  2. Yo Marco I thought it was best bets not worst bets …lol step your game up man these picks you are making are trash 🗑️ when is the last time one of your best bets were right I went back three weeks each one have been 💩

  3. Dal is having nyg next week. Bad spot for dallas. Is not this a trap game? Marcos i learn this from you.
    Excelent show as always. I have to admit i prefer joe to giannis i laugh more. And with marco they push kelly nice.

  4. my picks for tommorrow miami heat+10.5 charlotte hornets+6 in the nfl i picked texans at +3.5 i picked the steelers at +6 i picked chargers at +7 dallas cowboys-1.5

  5. First let me say you guys are one of the best on the web for any type of betting advice and analyzation. I’ve been watching you since the Prez did this with Kelly. But guys please fix Joe’s distortion. He’s always way too loud and distortion is quite annoying. There’s no reason for his volume to be that loud. It’s considerably louder than Marco’s and Kelly’s. Anyway God bless you all and have a great Thanksgiving

  6. I'm one of the biggest Marco fans and I always follow his plays. Except for 1, I've been watching bet on it for about 3 years now and I've noticed Marco fades the Chiefs way too much. Lol🤷‍♂️

  7. 2022 College YTD 29-31…1 pending

    2022 Pro YTD 21-16…

    Total 50-47


    Jets +3.5 (Use this line)

    Jets U 38 (Use this line)

    Las Vegas Raiders +2.5 (Use closing line)

    Pittsburgh U 40 (Use this line)

    GL All!

  8. Question about trends and angles. Do you guys take your historical data from opening lines? Closing lines? Something else? In other words if you say team(x) beat the spread last year in this situation, where does that spread come from?

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