50 thoughts on “$638,443 Grand Jackpot & I Win 2 Jackpots On High Limit Huff n'Puff!

  1. Definitely try the new version of Huff n Puff with the wheel. They have a mansion feature where every hat is Gold mansion automatically and autopay. I got full mansion screen at Caesars only .75 brt but $160 pay !!

  2. Thank you guys for keeping your videos clean. It is such a pleasure to watch you guys. Also your little sayings are so funny. I am from the south and get them, in fact they bring back a lot of memories. Us farm folk used those sayings all the time, or got our mouths washed out with soap. Thanks for the memories. Keep up the good work

  3. I played that game in my canada's legal gambling at these casino's for the first time 4 machines in smoking room.
    I bet $2.50 on a Penny machine, I put in $100.00 I was Awesome and won $1,200 I felt so happy winning.

  4. PS— yanno… I started off the new year thinking, "Hey man! I'm gonna kick ass this year" but guess what? The year is already kicking my ass!!! LOL SO BEHIND. GOODNESS!!! CALGON TAKE ME AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol

  5. The lady that stopped by sounded like a sweetheart. Doncha love KIND HEARTED & SOULED people!!!…? I sure do!!! Bless their hearts and souls!!! Alright I'm at 10:46 and you switched machines just moments ago. WIN BIG!!! Cheers mates!

  6. Aww those massive progressives lured you in and quite rightly so…i think both machines were teasing you a little and you did right coming away when you did…as always a pleasure watching you both…th banter makes this channel as much as the play does…happy Wednesday guys xx

  7. You guys put shit loads in you deserve to win big people forget that but l no this is gambling take winnings or lose it all take the risk you two do so happy when you win big good for you two. Happy new year and more big jackpots on your way l feel xxx good luck xxxxx

  8. While you were ordering your drinks, I poured myself a double Rusty old brown dog, 90 proof from Berkshire Distillers in Massachusetts, I thought of having tha after LADY LUCK said you dirty dog!

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