38 thoughts on “How the Sports Betting Industry Consumed America | xQc Reacts to Wendover Productions

  1. Just another way the rich get richer and the middle and lower class can barely surevive and they invent new ways to gamble for the americain dream (crypto, sports gamble) and they end up most of the time losing everything

  2. if i put it like one of his dogshit analogies
    crystal meth and crack cocaine are both bad but if you allow meth and ban cocaine its wrong
    so either ban both of them or allow both of them .

  3. americans in these comments really have no idea about how gambling works or the morality of it. just watched videos saying slots are bad and now you all regurgitate it when in reality you don’t care & gambling is legit everywhere you look.

  4. Most of the gamblers I know do it for the high and dopamine of hittin a big win but, most of them are WAY down. My stepdad goes back every week and empties his check/bank balance. Truly sad what it does to people

  5. Gambling is a disease, if you don't quite get that and you're above the legal age i would highly suggest you go a local bar with pokie machines in it. It really changed how I saw it from the glitz of Las Vegas to the reality of it, which is people throwing money at a machine until it lights up the way they want. Personally, I don't mind if you bet on a game of cards or something like that where you have agency over the outcome, but things that are purely "luck" are so awful. And then you dig a little deeper and see how sports betting works, at least here in Australia, every single one of my friends would have an app that allows them to bet on the sports, even if they don't watch them. Just my immediate circle would've have put tens of thousands of dollars through the app between them. Its a disease that younger generations have been bought up with, and its basically like pokies in your pocket. Everyone does it and once you notice it, it becomes a really unsettling trend. The amount of ads these companies run on a sports event here down under is horrendous, it feels like every other ad is advertising something to do with gambling and the odds and payouts and it really is oppressive. I think it needs to be more regulated but at the same time it feels like the genie is out of the bottle and won't go back in.

  6. If someone gambles responsibly it’s not a problem. There are always going to be degenerates. Making things illegal isn’t a long term solution to a problem. We’re kinda learning that with drugs…

  7. Other night while watching hockey, I realized just how many betting commercials there are nowadays. Hadn’t really paid much attention to the fact before, but betting and gambling has literally consumed sports now entirely.

  8. X was actually spitting at the end when he was talking about democracy. It's a flawed system. Your vote is simply a ticket, and the more money you have the more valuable the ticket is.

  9. Seems pretty accurate. I would always stay away from gambling. I would even stay away from the sand casino in RuneScape after I lost twice (nothing big) but here I sit towards the end of 2022 with a bunch of open bets on dk. Nothing big ofc but still they definitely got my ass…

  10. maybe im just not seeing something, but the comparison to lootboxes and shit is different to sports betting. sports betting includes actual money that can be won, same with gamba at casinos and shit. If i spend money on lootboxes or something in games like league, apex or OW, hell even gacha games I know I ain't getting that money back.

  11. Some dude in my neighborhood gambled 800k on Ronaldo and loses it all, it's surprising how many people participating in these bettings/gamblings.
    My own brother even did it, he earns around a thousand bucks but that's about it.

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