43 thoughts on “The Casino Chip Forgers Who Scammed Vegas For Millions | Cheating Vegas S1 EP3 | Wonder

  1. If the first 2 guys kept low key and quiet, they would still be flooding Vegas casinos with fake chips. Should have kept it to low denominations and not tell anyone. Nonetheless, I salute them and all other heroes that steal from the cold hearted, greedy billionaires.

  2. I love how the narrator of the video says at one point that Nevada officials now have to deal with the fact that 2 “CONSTRUCTION WORKERS” have compromised the casino industry. Why is it so stressed or important that they mention that they are construction workers? As if saying that if you are a construction worker you’re stupid or less than. They were obviously smart enough to pull off a job like this and who knows what would have happened if that woman had not ratted them out. They were that good. Maybe they could have used their talents in a more legal manner but it is truly difficult to feel bad for a casino company.

  3. The sound test is something a lot of forgers probably don’t consider. I can always tell if I get a quarter from breaking a bill and it’s older than…I believe 1962. I’m not 100% positive but around that time the US stopped using so much actual silver in their coins, predominantly the quarter. So anyway when you have more change in your pocket along with a silver quarter it makes a distinguishing sound that is very obvious. At least to me it is. But you can tell almost instantly. The casino chips I was surprised didn’t have something like a RF chip in them. They can’t be too expensive I mean they are in the tire stems of cars that have a low tire pressure sensor. lol…. I guess I should have watched the entire video before I posted. Apparently they do use the RF chips now. But I am still surprised they didn’t start using them prior because of the amount of money they were dealing with. But casinos are rip offs, it was about time someone took the house advantage away from them lol.
    Oh one more thing….they quote that the casinos are using a HIGH TECH device, yeah real high tech…you can find them in your tire stem.

  4. They not bad guys that's what they are they will still from them they are on drugs boss not playing the game right the worker not being paid right so they got back at them that it its a inside job they family do when

  5. The casinos actively remove clocks, give you alcohol and let you smoke to feel comfortable. Then they take your money from you when you are vulnerable. The casinos are not the "good guys". They are thieves and prey on the weak. They DO NOT want you to win and rely on gambling addicts to sustain themselves. Do not have any sympathy for casinos. I applaud ALL who get over on them, because they make a business of getting over on YOU!

  6. In junior high school I was like 13 and would play Odd/Even and Lag for pennies.
    If I lost 10 or 15 cents in a day I'd be Bummed, 'granted that's when a penny
    was pretty good money.

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