20 thoughts on “Seabiscuit vs. War Admiral – 1938 Match Race (Pimlico Special)

  1. Some horses are just really competitive by nature. I had a 12.2 hh welsh/Shetland pony as a kid who would just TOAST some of the 16hh horses on trails if I’d let him go. He also carried me over 3’ jumps with ease. He was amazing. I miss that pony.

  2. Another video to look for is Secretariet’s Triple Crown win. “Big Red” was another great horse that closed fast. He started the race in a bad position, blocked by the horde of horses but he hid his time and closed the race absolutely breathtakingly just like THIS race!

  3. The jockey pulled back a bit and War Admiral caught up, but this was just so that Seabiscuit would have enough left for that huge push on the final stretch. Seabiscuit ruled the day.

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