17 thoughts on “Online Gambling Makes Sports Betting Easier Than Ever, Alarming Addiction Experts

  1. I know a lot family members that’s lose a lot of money taking the drive just to make a bet taking the sad ride home back. Once this legalize in California I feel bad for them they going to lose it all

  2. The only common denominator between all addicts of any social background and distinction is that they are notorious liars. Addiction affects predominantly young healthy criminals. I have been trying to have the discovery of the nature of addiction known for years to end the war on drugs. I would like to help you as a recovering addict and psychologist. Addiction is the psychology of a liar, only liars get hooked and only honesty gets freedom. The tragedy of addiction is children who revenge a childhood hurt, or trauma, against their parents learning from example. Addicts don’t forgive. I am alone socially ostracised by liars paying the price for being honest. I can prove my claim that the obvious truth is addiction is the psychology of a liar dropping mortality rates when my theory is known. It is harder to convince a fool that to know the truth is better than to be deceived than to deceive him.

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