10 thoughts on “Sports Betting Tips: In Game Betting Strategy – Live Betting Tips

  1. When u Bet Live u bet ML and get +++ on both sides or you bet a small fav n then bet other side with high value. No value in spreads… ML is for live if u know what ur doing. U don't need Key #s in live betting.. worst sport for live in baseball. Stay away

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  3. Only play in-game wagers where it pays out immediately. I know of only one in Vegas but looking for more. That way you can really turn a very nice profit by reinvesting in another good number vs. having basically a straight bet. These are prop bets, and should be paid fast so that we can invest again. The only reason I play in game, is to keep turning profits on the same game. But if my bankroll is only 500 and I win 1000 I should be able to reinvest back into the game, not wait 2hrs to be paid as if I made a wager before the game.

  4. Cannot believe these guys discussed in-game and 2nd half betting, and though discussing punters betting to get back to the original number, never actually discussed the concept of football teams adjusting their game play based on the score in the game. Especially in football. Teams blowing someone out, certainly do not run scores up, rather, switch to ball control, eat clock type offensive play. Well, what else would someone expect from dudes that refer to soccer as "football"?

  5. Yes, the "live betting" bettors will DEFINITELY be a "new class/type" of bettors. Then again, haven't there been new types of bettors since odds makers began offering more/different odds? For example, bettors who only bet the 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 1st half, 2nd half, prop bettors, etc. I also firmly believe that traditional betting (before the game and half time betting) will always be the best choice due to the standard/lower juice (live betting usually carries higher juice) and the fact that odds makers have created odds for the whole game that are based on those beginning and half time odds. We can see from past examples that the final score will usually be within range of the initial and half time odds, NOT live odds. So the thought that Joe Six pack has an advantage over the odds makers with live betting is an illusion. They are already losing with the high juice live odds and ultimately in the end, the final score will be within the original predicted odds. Long story short, just stick with your pre-game and halftime odds!

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