30 thoughts on “Sydney Betting Ring – 1997 – The Gamblers

  1. I wish I could punt where I am. I'm stuck with the pari-mutuals which means I don't know the final odds of the horse until right after the race starts. If a bookie could give me odds, and stick with them, then there would be a potential to make money playing the horses.

  2. Terry Page said in the media in 1977, to the effect, ' put it this way, I haven't been winning '. Then in 1988 he comes back with, " I'll back South Sydney to make the semis, if anyone wants to take me on. ". And he'd have got done on that. I had a real mind to actually have some of that, but my personal finances were not going ideally enough, so I let it go. This is all public media stuff which I'm citing.

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