42 thoughts on “πŸ”΄ LIVE 🎰 $Thousands High Limit Betting in the ROCKIES πŸ” Ameristar Casino

  1. After watching this video before aug 30th I decided to go to this casino and hotel it was awesome and we had much fine thank you for showing it I liked the place so much had to go check it out we went sept 5th through sept 9 th

  2. I sound like a make a wish kid but I wish some day to gamble with you! I live in Wisconsin. I feel like you never come here. But I’d challenge you to a head to head challenge like you and Britt use to do!

  3. I was playing at Barona (San Diego) tonight and I played machines I never would have before. I left up and had a great time. It's nice to experience some different games and to win. Thanks Brian!

  4. You should go check out red rocks. Best outdoor venue in the world. My morning jacket is playing the next two nights. Or you can go there during to day for yoga or a workout.

  5. Raymond asking Big Mike to tell the person to stop Recording them…lmao, Raymond and Mike Making the Environment safe for our boy Brian…Good Job yall!!!!

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