23 thoughts on “How I Made Over $15,000 Sports Betting with OddsJam

  1. This is exciting yet overwhelming. I know I can get a free 7 day trial but before I do so, is there a Odds Jam 101 video that starts from square one for beginners? Positive EV, low holds, arbitrage…it’s a lot to digest all at once. Will this even work in NY? I did not see it in the drop down box with all the states-

  2. this video is unwatchable, I get so much anxiety out of it, every other word he says is "you know", it's like those are the only two words in the English language that he knows how to say.

  3. why are you avoiding the higher +ev bets? Maybe this should be obvious to me but I can't fathom why to avoid one that is speculating 12% ev. Too good to be true so there is missing information? that's my best guess.

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