27 thoughts on “College Football Week 8 Picks and Odds | Top 25 College Football Betting Preview & Predictions

  1. I know I should know better than to go against you but I really like UCLA in this spot. Not only spread but moneyline as well with how good ucla has been. Good luck everyone!

  2. To many guys like Steve Underrated!
    Hearing U & John Ryan last week was a head spinner!!
    Trends& Angles ARE great!
    I Just can’t Consistently till shit like that. Because as we all know those go bye-bye real quick!.
    College Football least known sport, Least followed & hard as hell to bet!

    Wow 9-1 too!
    Insane! I always look.
    Miami was a L also Steve.
    I had all picks submitted! Thought For sure Miami was IT also!

    BAMA Defense show up!?

  3. Not a Top 25 matchip but I am looking forward to watching my Buckeyes lay 40+ on Iowa and then watching Michigan fans make excuses for why they couldn't score like that…love your videos Steve. Good luck and God bless!

  4. Is Cincinnati gonna run all over smu.. yea smu can throw, but ucf ran and ran and ran.. so did navy.. I wanna bet that so bad, but Cincinnati qb… and smu secondary transfered before the ucf game

  5. Steve I'm sure you've realized this since but I've heard you say they kick the extra pt in OT in the NFL in reference to the TCU non push, but they don't kick the extra point in the NFL either

  6. 2022 College YTD 15-19…

    2022 Pro YTD 12-9…

    Total 27-28


    Indiana +3 (Use This Line)

    OSU U 50 (Use This Line)

    Clemson U 49.5 (Use This Line)

    Miami U 59 (Use This Line)

    California U 54.5 (Use This Line)
    Gl All!

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