20 thoughts on “Casino Gaming Commissions: What they do for you 🎰 PLUS Live Q&A

  1. Quit dragging it out. Beating a dead horse to death. You are not getting paid by the word and how long it takes you to say it, just say it and get it over with.
    You just won’t shut up will you ?

  2. IAM IN NYC I live by tbe aqueduct world resorts it's NYC lottery own its like theses machines are like scratch off but pay back is like 95% pay back .Mostly all the machines have the same jackpots so I feel you are playing against people .They are all wired together in the casino like its a mini progressive vs a mega progressive amongst all tbe casinos wired together. EVERYTHING IS COMPUTERIZED THERE MY FAVORITE IS FIRELINK WHICH IS MOST VOITALE.

  3. Very good information! Thank-You! I was hosted last year. It was so nice and my host was so good to me. She comped several concerts with the comped dinner and drinks and regular food comps and she would comp 3 or 4 days to the 2 that you usually get. Now, The casino can be tough on the comps without being hosted and I have pulled manager out and said Why? Look at my points. They will look straight into your face and lie! and sometimes you will get lucky and they will comp generously. Just depends who you get!You go to a different comp center at the same casino and they will comp it! They are also more generous when the casino is on an off time.Either the middle of the week or after summer. They are terrible comping into the summer.This is a Oklahoma casino that I frequent. I also put that down on their "Little Survey" That they need to stop being cheap to their regular customers and just pay for the sandwich. Nothing makes my blood boil more than a nasty,rude, comp person who won't comp a meal after staying and playing for several hours and loosing money.

  4. While playing 50 cents on a Shamrock game, I got a wheel spin and won a 12X my bet. Then I spun another win to spin the wheel, it had the Mini, Minor ect. but it wouldn't spin at all. I didn't bet a $1, so I wouldn't have qualified for the Jackpot. Wouldn't I still been eligible for the lower Mini ect? Would it be possible that I may have had the Jackpot, because it wouldn't allow me to complete the spin? If so, I'd be really upset with myself. Wouldn't it let me spin, and tell me I'm not eligible for the Jackpot? Or not?

  5. Coushatta casino in Louisiana has a list of handpays and which machine paid each day with a map on floor to show where they are . They also list volatility of each machine . It at least shows how often someone is winning and you can evaluate where you might want to play . This sounds similar to that Wisconsin app .

  6. From evaluating payback percentages in Casino Player magazine a few years back, it's clear that the best slots are the places who need to fight the competition. Local Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe were the best. AC was pretty good. Rural casinos were the worst. I don't recall Wyoming being displayed.

  7. I saw the latest video on payback percentage and understand there’s not much of a difference when playing a small amount of spins but still would like to know if playing on a cruise ship is worth it

  8. RE: Tickets. Very irritating to wait at the kiosk while someone cashes multiple, MULTIPLE tickets one by one. Be courteous, if you are going to cash out, put them ALL in your last machine and take your One Ticket to the kiosk. Thanks 🙂

  9. I don't play slots, VP is my game, and don't have a clue as to how I stumbled across your youtube channel. I am glad I did because it hands down provides the best information helpful to the gambler, no matter his or her game, on the internet. Your advice to check out the games you plan on playing before you start is priceless. I'm even going to throw a hundred dollars through a Double Diamond machine I found in my favorite casino as I checked out every slot in it. Thanks again. .

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