1. Reader beware. This is just like the martingale system in roulette, but if you get 4 losing bets you done for. High risks indeed. Dutching is nothing new to seasoned gamblers but it has its risks, do not underestimate them.

  2. Bottom line …. 80% win rate … so for 10 races you win 8 , lose 2 , therefore $10.40 profit from the 8 , well done … but, -$13 from the 2, so $2.6 loss overall …. you can dress it up however you want with cunning plans … in the end you lose ….

  3. Absolutely amateur strategy, you will definately have more than 3 losing in a row, guess what will happen you will have to risk thousands and thousands of dollar to recover the losses , you need to be Bill gates to do that.. Best of luck

  4. Oh, how wonderful NOT. OK, he's been lucky as he said he has never lost 3 races in a row lol yeah right well carry on my friend but putting up 100s to win 1.80 is not for me and what if you do go 3 or 4 losers in a row who will have the bottle to bet over 1000/1 in the bookies favour and you'll be lucky to get your bet on.

  5. The chances of losing 3 times in a row does happen, especially if you are betting on UK races on heavy ground in the winter, sooner or later you will lose your bank especially if you are beting time order from one course to another , the odds are 20% that you will lose the race then 20% of 20 is 4% and 20% of 4 is 0.75%, so sooner or later in the long run this will happen, certainly exchange odds in the UK are totally efficient, using your shotgun approach would see you breaking even after a years work, last week here there was a string on 14 races without the favourite winning, rare but it does happen, Im sure that run broke many a bank for progressive bettors who assume that this run could never happen, unfortunately in the states you are not allowed to use the exchange were you can buy and sell the horse price before the race even starts for a profit or loss, yesterday on one race alone I made £30 before the horses were even in the stalls, this was done by scalping the prices 15 times for £2 profit every click, thats much safer than risking £100 to make only £20

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